Discussion on the Indian State and its class nature

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The Ramgadh Lok Jan Samiti, Ramgadh Seva Samiti, Lok Raj Sangathan and Hind Naujavan Ekta Sabha (HNES) organized a meeting on 19th December at the Kumhar Dharamshala in Ramgadh sub-district of Hanumangadh. This meeting was organized to commemorate the anniversary of the martyrdom of Ashfaq Ullah Khan, Ramprasad Bismil, Thakur Roshan and Rajendranath Lahiri. After offering tribute to the memory of the martyrs, a discussion was organized on the subject – Indian State and its Class Nature.

Suraj Bambu of HNES began the discussion saying that the present Indian State is an enemy of the toilers and a friend of the exploiting class. Maniram Lakhesar, Secretary of Lok Jan Samiti cited the example of the demonetization to point out that this is a way to make the black money of the capitalists, that have been robbed from us, into white. Workers have lost their livelihood, peasants do not have money for fertilizer or seed. Peasants had to stand in line when it was time for planting. People are fainting and dying from standing in line. Not a single capitalist can be seen standing in line.


Manor Sharma from HNES described the life of the revolutionary, and added that the dream of Hindustan for which the martyrs sacrificed their lives remains incomplete. Today the same bourgeoisie is ruling against which our revolutionaries fought. He said we must keep the revolutionary struggle alive. Youth must be ready to make sacrifices to bring about the rule of workers and peasants.

Balwant Bambu, President of Lok Jan Samiti, while condemning the anti-worker policies of the rulers said that the only cure for all the sickness is for the workers and peasants to unite to become the rulers.

Hanuman Prasad Sharma, Vice-President of Lok Raj Sangathan declared that the Indian state is a capitalist-imperialist state and it was the main reason for the exploitation and poverty of the working class. He said that our revolutionary youth aspired to establish a society free from exploitation and from the British imperialists; towards this, they imbibed the lessons from the struggle of 1857, from the 1913 struggle of the Ghadrites and from the Bolshevik Revolution of Soviet Union; they were ready to risk their lives and took daring vows that they fulfilled. We have many examples of such youth and among them were Ashfaq Ullah Khan, Ramprasad Bismil, Thakur Roshan and Rajendranath Lahiri, who kissed the gallows with a smile. Their deeds shook the might of the British colonisers.

The British colonisers, in collaboration with the traitorous Indian capitalists and zamindars put thousands of patriots behind bars and sent many of them to the gallows. They collaborated with the traitors to crush the revolutionary uprising of our youth. After the British left, the capitalist Indian state which was established under this traitorous class has been serving only the capitalists and not the workers and toilers.

In conclusion, he said that if we want to bring about the Rule of the toilers, if we want to establish the India that our martyrs dreamt of, then the youth must come forward and raise the slogan – We are the masters, we are Hindustan; workers, peasants, women and youth! Only then will we see the new Hindustan.

Rulichand Lakhesar, Ramurthy Bambu, Pannalal Hodhkasiya, Kanhaiya Lal Jain, Banwari Lal Bambu, Maniram Swami, Vikas Sagar, Om Prakash Saharan, Madan Lakhesar, Suresh Pachar, Shaukeen Khan, Ram Prasad Khateen, Mahavir Jast, Arjan Khichad, Chetram Lakhesar, Dr. Krishna Nokhval, Madan Sharma, Narendra Saharan, Dinesh Swami, Mohan Lal Kharaghval, Ramkumar Sagar, Dinesh Godhara, Rajesh Soni, Sanjeev Saharan and others addressed the meeting and offered their tributes to the martyrs.

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