Fifth Congress of the Communist Ghadar Party of India issues clarion call!

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Prepare for the Coming Revolutionary Storms!

The Fifth Congress of the Communist Ghadar Party of India was held in November 2016.

Amidst standing applause, Comrade Lal Singh, General Secretary of the Party, opened the Congress, extending a very warm welcome to all the delegates, who has come from numerous parts of the country and from abroad.

Comrade Lal Singh emphasized that the source of our strength comes from steadfastly carrying out our duty of leading the struggle in defence of rights, and preparing the working class to lead the revolution to eliminate capitalism and all remnants of feudalism, colonialism and imperialism.  All the delegates from party organisations around the globe are coming to this Congress with firm conviction in the line and program of the Party, around which they have been organising the workers, peasants, women, youth and students.

Comrade Lal Singh pointed out that the Fifth Congress of our Party was being held at a time when the conditions in India and on the world scale indicate that we are heading towards major conflicts.  The working class and peoples of all countries are no longer willing to put up with ever increasing degrees of exploitation and plunder of their land and labour.  The ruling classes are deeply divided among rival factions and unable to rule in the old way. 

Within the global situation of sharpening contradictions, we in India face a heightened threat from both external and internal forces.  The big bourgeoisie in our country is on an aggressive course and has installed a majority BJP regime headed by Modi to accelerate its anti-worker, anti-peasant and anti-national agenda through diabolical means, US imperialism is aggressively pursuing its aim of dominating the whole of Asia and befriending the Indian ruling class to achieve that aim.

Comrade Lal Singh pointed to the fact that there are many similarities between the   present situation and the situation which prevailed a century ago, when all the contradictions of the capitalist-imperialist system reached a point of resolution. We have just entered the centenary year of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Today too, the working class and people in many countries are ready to rise up to overthrow their hated exploiters and oppressors.

Comrade Lal Singh said that all the economic and political developments indicate that the tide of revolution is going to turn from ebb to flow.  It calls upon us communists to lead the working class to ride this tide and ensure that it leads to lasting revolutionary change, to the transition from capitalism to socialism and communism.

He then announced the dissolution of the Central Committee elected by the Fourth Congress of the Party held in 2010. While doing so, he pointed out that the report prepared by that Central Committee is to be tabled for discussion and adoption by this Congress.  He then proposed a five member Presidium to conduct the proceedings of the Congress.

The Presidium was unanimously elected by the delegates. The Presidium elected Comrade Lal Singh as the Chair, who then moved the agenda for the Congress. The agenda was approved unanimously.

Red salute to all revolutionary fighters

The Congress began with all the delegates rising to their feet to observe a two-minute silent homage in memory of all departed communists and revolutionaries. The delegates remembered the comrades from our Party who have departed from us, as well as the comrades from other revolutionary parties and organisations. They remembered the heroic self-sacrificing work of the martyrs of the Hindustan Ghadar Party and other revolutionary organisations in the struggle against the hated colonial rule. They remembered the heroic sacrifices made by the communards of Paris, by the members of the Bolshevik Party and the revolutionary workers and peasants of Russia in overthrowing the rule of the Tsar and the capitalists and landlords through the proletarian revolution and building the new socialist society free from all forms of exploitation of persons by persons.

Draft Report to the Congress

Introducing the Report, Comrade Lal Singh explained that it was the summation of the collective theoretical and organizing work of the entire party and all its organisations over the past six years. It is the duty of all comrades to seriously study and participate vigorously in the discussion of the draft Report. Once the Congress adopts it, after full discussion and with whatever amendments that are agreed upon, it is the responsibility of every member of the Party to defend the conclusions of the political and organizational Report.  It is our duty to fight for the implementation of the plan of action.

Analysing the developments in our country and on the world scale, the Report pointed out that the aggressive agenda of the Indian big bourgeoisie is posing a grave danger to the workers, peasants and everything healthy in our society.  While it is being presented as an agenda to develop our economy, it is leading to the wrecking of the livelihood of millions of toiling people and to enormous concentration of wealth in the hands of rapacious capitalist monopolies.  While it is advertised as a nation-building project, it is aimed at destroying the unity of the working class and unity among Indians of all religion, caste and nationality. 

The Report pointed out that the bourgeoisie is facing increasing opposition from the workers, peasants and other oppressed sections.  The united working class opposition to the agenda of the big bourgeoisie is growing in strength. The situation in our country is heading towards major conflicts between the anti-social and imperialist agenda of the big bourgeoisie and the widespread resistance to it among the toiling and oppressed masses of people. 

The Report concluded that the conditions in our country and on the world scale point to revolutionary storms on the horizon.  It elaborated the main features of the revolution that is required in order to sweep away all that is rotten, backward, exploitative and oppressive in our society, including discrimination and oppression on the basis of caste, gender, religion and nationality. It explained why the revolution has to target capitalism, because it is capitalist growth that is perpetuating and worsening all remnants of old oppressive relations.

A revolutionary united front led by the working class, with its vanguard Communist Party at the head, needs to seize political power in its hands, and carry out the revolutionary transformation of society. Such a front can and must be built around the immediate program for the political empowerment of the people and reorientation of the economy to ensure prosperity and protection for all.

The Report reiterated that the key to success in our organizing work is the building and strengthening of the basic organizations of the party amongst workers, peasants, youth and students, in factories, workplaces, educational institutions and other places where masses of people are in struggle. 

The Report concluded with a plan of action, which is a continuation and further advance of the plan we have already been implementing.  It is a higher level of work, given the advance in the working class movement, the advance in the strength and capacity of our Party, and the maturing of conditions for a turn in the tide of world revolution.  The Report emphasized that we need to work with an expanded vision, setting bolder targets and releasing initiative to achieve them through maximum political mobilisation. 

Discussion and Adoption of the Report

The presentation of the Report was followed by individual study and group discussions. This was followed by a plenary session, in which the Presidium called upon all the delegates to speak on the report. Over a hundred delegates intervened in this session.

One after another, delegates hailed the Report for its scientific analysis of the present situation.  They enriched the analysis by drawing on their own experience of the class struggle.  They positively assessed the broad-minded approach of the Party in fighting for the restoration of unity of communists and for the unity of the working class and all the oppressed, based on defending the modern definition of rights.  They appreciated the clear and bold presentation of the revolutionary program for the Navnirman of the Indian State as the essential step to open the path to socialism and communism.   

One of the issues that came up for further clarification from the Presidium was the question of the emancipation of dalits and other victims of caste oppression,  Comrade Lal Singh pointed out that the vast majority of dalits are from the proletariat.  They face exploitation and oppression both as workers and as dalits. The existing Indian State is a system of institutions designed to defend capitalist exploitation and the remnants of old oppressive relations. Emancipation from caste discrimination and oppression is inseparably linked with the cause of emancipation from capitalist exploitation and remnants of feudal oppression. It is necessary for the proletariat and oppressed sections of all castes and communities to participate in the class struggle to end all exploitation. We must expose the fraudulent theories promoted by the bourgeoisie to divide and disorient the working class, by making out that caste oppression can be dealt with without ending class exploitation and without overthrowing the present State. 

Addressing the propaganda of the government about demonetisation, Comrade Lal Singh explained that the government was making out that this was a move against terrorism, black money, and corruption. The propaganda of the government must be thoroughly exposed. The whole world knows that US imperialism is the fountainhead of terrorism. It is US imperialism that has deployed terrorist groups, “pro-democracy movements”, as well as militarily intervened in various countries in pursuit of its plan to establish a uni polar world under its domination. Any government that is serious about fighting terrorism would expose and oppose US imperialism and its terrorist, war mongering activities around the globe. Far from doing so, the Narender Modi government is embracing US imperialism as a strategic partner.

As far as corruption is concerned, it is integral to the capitalist system, and it has reached extremely high levels in the conditions of state monopoly capitalism. The reality is that the demonetisation has been carried out to fulfill the rapacious interests of the biggest Indian and foreign monopolies.

Comrade Lal Singh explained that no hero can change this system. Only the people rising up in revolution can do so. Our Party works with all communists to organize the working class to lead the people to fight for a new society. He emphasized that we must conduct discussion with communists of other parties just as we do within the ranks of our party — openly and frankly as befits discussion among communists.

At the end of this very active and participatory plenary session, the Congress unanimously adopted the draft Report.

Elections to the Central Committee

Introducing the agenda item of elections to the Central Committee, the Chair of the Presidium explained the role of the CC. It is the responsibility of the CC to implement decisions of the Congress and not change the line. The line cannot be changed without calling another Congress, because the most powerful body is the entire membership of the Party.

The elections to the CC then took place.  The elected CC convened its first plenum, which elected Comrade Lal Singh as the General Secretary.  It also elected four spokespersons of the Party. 

Concluding session

Comrade Lal Singh rose to give the concluding speech amongst thunderous applause.  He expressed his confidence that the newly elected CC will work unitedly and fulfill its role.  He pointed out that revolution will succeed only when the workers and peasants become conscious of its necessity and refuse to accept the present conditions. To make the workers and peasants conscious of their mission is the challenge facing us communists.

Comrade Lal Singh passionately spoke about the urgent necessity to uproot this thoroughly exploitative and oppressive social system which is based on stark injustice and discrimination of every kind. What kind of society is this, in which people are not allowed to drink water from the same well, because they are dalits, and where women and girls are subjected to the worst kind of violence and humiliations? He called upon all comrades to intensify the struggle to build a new society that is free of exploitation, free from every kind of persecution based on caste and religion, and where women are truly liberated.

Following the concluding remarks of the General Secretary, the delegates enthusiastically participated in the singing of revolutionary songs in different languages. The Congress concluded with the militant rendering of the Internationale, the song of the international working class movement for socialism and communism.

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