Struggle of teachers of Rajasthan against the privatisation of public education

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A two-day State Education Conference of the Rajasthan Shikshak Sangh (Pragatisheel) {Rajasthan Teacher's Union (Progressive) was held on 20-21 October 2016 in Kudi Bhagatasani Housing Board Community Centre in Jodhpur. More than 900 delegates from villages and hamlets of various districts took part in this conference. It was attended by teachers, professors in charge of administration, educationists, guest teachers, new teachers, motivators, contract workers and others concerned about education, working in school education departments and projects of Rajasthan government.



The conference was organised to discuss issues like how to advance the struggle against all attempts to weaken public education system, to review the work done for the tasks set by the organisation in the previous conference, to build broad unity of the teacher community and for the solution of various burning issues. The conference was called also to elect a new Executive.

The conference was convened by Shri Babulal Manju. Babulal Jain, Hanuman Prasad Sharma (Patron and ex-President), Mahakram Bishnoi, Shaitan Singh Gurjar, Lakshman Yadav, Girishkumar Sharma, Begraj Khoth, Abhimanyu Singh Bhadoria, Parasram Tiwari, Bhanwar Singh Rathor, Durgaram Gaur and Ranaram Jani presided over the meeting.

Addressing the conference, speakers pointed out that the government is bent upon privatising education. Government has failed to ensure quality education for all. Government has also not appointed the necessary number of teachers when there are about 1,35,000 posts vacant. Government has appointed about 5000 teachers of subjects like English, Science and Mathematics in Education Departments in non-teaching positions. In many schools such teachers are assigned to teach Information Technology who are on a daily basis updating the data on the online portal of the Education Department. Those who are supposed to teach are doing the work of clerks. This has adversely affected the standard of education.

Speakers pointed out that school teachers are deputed to non-teaching work. They are told to advocate various government schemes by distributing leaflets from village to village. They are forced to send photographs of functions on special days and in the public relations programs. Teachers are being pressurised to carry out the above work while maintaining quality education. How will teachers be able to maintain teaching standards while carrying out all these tasks when the schools are facing severe shortage of teachers?

One speaker who is himself a Principal said that schools have to be run without a single peon or clerk. All these responsibilities have to be carried out by the teachers and the Principal of the school themselves. In some places only 1 or 2 teachers are running the entire middle and senior schools. Government has insisting that there should be at least 400 to 450 students in each school. Under such circumstances, the teachers or the Principal cannot be held responsible for the bad quality of education. The government itself is to blame for the bad quality of education. Lakhs of qualified teachers are jobless in the state.

He further said that the employee appointed to provide nutritional meals in schools is only paid 1000 Rupees. How can anyone support his family on an income of Rs.1000?

The government has integrated primary schools with higher schools. Primary school teachers have been promoted to middle schools. Schools in distant villages and hamlets have been closed down which has deprived children in those areas of primary education. Most importantly, primary education is being ruined. One can easily see that government is moving in the direction of promoting privatisation of education. Neglecting primary education implies forcing children to private schools from primary level itself so that they will have no choice but to continue in private schools afterwards.

Apart from the various invited guests, the two-day conference was addressed by office bearers of Rajasthan Shikshak Sangh (Pragatisheel) – Babulal Jain, Mahakram Bishnoi, Abhimanyu Singh Bhadoria, Shaitan Singh Gurjar, Hanuman Prasad Sharma, Subhash Acharya, Yashwant Bharadwaj, Parasram Tiwari, Bhanwar Singh Rathore, Shaukat Ali, Bhamaram Jangu, Devram Pawar, Hiralal Megwal, Jugal Kabra, Sunil Parihar, Ramaram Jangu, Karnaram, Mahendra Bishnoi, Shobharam Sarpanch, etc.

The conference unanimously elected Kesara Ram as the President and Abhimanyu Singh Bhadoria as the General Secretary of the organisation.

Among the invited guests who were present at the gathering were Jaswant Singh Bishnoi (Chairman, Wool Development Board), Chandraprakash Chauhan (Minister of State), Birju Nayak (Lok Raj Sangathan), Kailash Bhansali (MLA, Jodhpur city), Babu Singh Rathore (MLA, Shergarh), Shri Sukhram Bishnoi (MLA, Sanchor), Leader of employees Rajendra Bohra, Jugal Kabra (ex-MLA, Jodhpur city), local office bearers of various political parties and various well-known personalities of the city.

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