Lessons from the historic all India strike

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Communist Ghadar Party of India conveys revolutionary congratulations to all the trade unions across the country for successfully organizing the all India strike on 2 September 2016.

The credit for the success of the strike goes to the hundreds and thousands of trade unions, federations and association of workers in various branches of industry at central, state, district and industrial areas at different levels. Defying the threats from the government and capitalists 18 crore workers all across India came on to the streets against the anti-worker, anti-peasant, anti-social and anti-national agenda of the Modi government and boldly presented their charter of demands. Working people across the country expressed whole hearted support to this general strike.

Setting aside narrow party and political differences, trade unions, and workers organisations joined hands and came out unitedly to participate shoulder to shoulder, with full enthusiasm to make the strike a grand success. Various trade unions came together at the level of state, district, industrial areas, and industry and organised into joint action committees to organise the strike successfully.

All across the country the unity of workers and their participation in the struggle against the capitalists and their government is getting stronger by the day. They are coming together as a class in defence of their rights as workers.

This unity and their increasing consciousness is the biggest threat to the capitalist class. Hence the entire capitalist class and its media are continuously trying every means to break this unity and suppress their consciousness. The capitalist class and its parties continuously spread this illusion that this we live in a democracy, that it is the best system ever and the workers can bring in a government of their choice through the elections and ballot. But it is becoming increasingly clear that the direction of the economy and the society is set by the ruling class, that is the big monopoly capitalists. They bring to power the party or coalition which is best suited to carry through the agenda of the monopoly capitalists most efficiently. Whichever government comes to power at the center or in any state, it will implement the programme of the monopolycapitalists.

The disunity of the working class on the basis of party affiliation of trade unions is the biggest roadblock in the forward march of the working class.

The 2 September strike is a living example that when the workers rise above their loyalty to political parties, and struggle unitedly, they are capable of challenging the might of the capitalist class and bringing about change. This capacity of the working class needs to be further strengthened.

It is the duty of the communist to raise the consciousness of the working class, and organise them, so that they can lead the working people to overthrow the rule of the capitalist class, and establish the rule of workers and peasants. They must make it clear that the interest of the working class and interest of the capitalist class is diametrically opposed to each other, and therefore the workers must unite in the interest of their class. Communist must organise them for this struggle.

The spirit and the consciousness displayed by the working class during the 2 September strike must be strengthened and taken forward to its conclusion. The workers must be united and organised into workers unity committees at state, district, industrial area, industry, village, places of work and at all levels. The workers should discuss their own independent programme, prepare their strategy and plan through open discussions. The numerous illusions spread by the bourgeoisie aimed breaking our unity must be smashed and we must strengthen our unity through struggle.

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